In Case You Haven't Looked At the Calendar

You now have two (2) days to decide on your three (3) nominees for the 5th Annual Knitters' Hunk Award.  The nomination process will be open from 12:01am (Eastern), Wednesday, August 1st until 11:59 pm (Eastern), Monday, August 6th.  I will then take the remainder of that week to set up the tournament brackets, and voting will begin Monday morning, August 13th.

This year, more than any other, I am counting on your good will, enthusiasm and word of mouth to spread the news about the contest.  Participation has been overwhelming in the past, but this year, I've changed blog addresses, and don't know if people can find me.  So, if you please, advertise on your blog, on your Ravelry boards, anywhere you think you can drum up interest in the contest.

First of all, there are great --- great --- looking men to stare at every day.  Second, there are very cool knitting prizes to be won for the person who nominates the ultimate winner.  In the past, if two or more people had nominated the same man, there was a tiebreaker.  The same will hold true this year.  But, since it is our fifth year, there will also be a prize package for the person who nominates the runner-up. And maybe even some little surprise gifts along the way. . .

Nominate whomever you want, as long as they are famous (I have to be able to find a photo of them for people to look at and judge.)  DO NOT NOMINATE THE FOLLOWING (PAST) WINNERS.  THEY GO INTO THE DRAW AUTOMATICALLY.

Sam Neill

Alan Rickman
Johnny Depp

Hugh Jackman

So, off you go.  Do your research.  Spread the good word.  Let's make it a great contest!


  1. do we submit our hunk nominees here?
    if not- where?
    if so.... drum roll please!
    my nominees for the totally awesome Knitter's Hunk of the Year are:
    Liam Neeson- (drool!)- I stand by my former hunk nominee, call me unimaginative, or call me loyal- but ladies, really, think about those shoulders!!!
    Ewan McGregor- (again- drool!)- think about those sparkly eyes and those slow smiles, right?!
    and for fun, some one new(er): Dan Stevens- (aka Cousin Matthew on Downton Abbey)- he kills me with his wistfulness and romantic tension!
    so there you have it- let the games begin!!! and let my hunk win!!! :-)


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