All in the Family

I would tell you how long I slept between Wednesday night and this morning, but it's kind of embarrassing.  Surely, my body and mind required that many hours, or they wouldn't have stayed checked out, but it's still. . .  sort of. . . a lot.  So let's move on.

Our air conditioning unit is running full tilt, non-stop, and, yet, there are periods of each day when it feels like it has stopped working.  A quick glance around the house, though, shows an animal parked on each of the floor vents, so we humans aren't always getting the complete impact.  Hannah and I are both spending lots of time sitting very still directly under ceiling fans.

One of the things I found while going through things at my parents' house was
my baby ring.  It was never engraved, which is a bit odd.  And it is teeeeeen-iney.

I also found a photo of Daddy that struck me as almost identical to my high school senior picture:
Boy, am I his daughter, or what?  People must have suspected my dark-haired, brown-eyed mother of kidnapping that blonde, blue-eyed, pug-nosed child she was always with. . .


  1. OH you just might want to put that gorgeous ring on a necklace and wear it . IT is soooooo cool. I Love it.


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