Briton's girlfriend and I (she has a name --- don't know why I don't use it) had all sorts of fun at the yarn shop.   Technically, it's a yarn barn, but let's not split hairs.

I was taking her because she liked the scarf I made out of Berocco Ric-Rac while I was at the beach.  She is chiefly a crocheter, and when I told her I finished in less than an hour, she wanted to try.  Though I was tempted to buy more, this time I was drawn to Lacey. Same idea --- needle every other stitch or so, resulting in ruffles --- but there was lots (lots) more yards, and I have ended up with a scarf roughly 28 feet long.  Not really, but long.  Really long.  Deliciously so.

After the yarn shop, we ate at a pasta place we both like a lot, then came back here, where we each worked on our ruffle scarves.  She finished hers first, of course, and started crocheting a uterus for to send to her congressman.  Briton said she was pretty nervous, as this was the first time she and I had spent any time together just us, but she was delightful company, and I hope we can hang out again sometime.

'Cause the girl needs to teach me to keep up with my stitch count when I crochet.  I am hopeless.


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