In Order

Glad to know I'm not being a fuddy-duddy about Vogue Knitting.  It seems others out there are also put off by the density of patterns and photos.  Do you think there's any chance they'll change for the simpler?


Finished Falling Man Tuesday.  I don't know anything about Don DeLillo;  this is the first book I've read by him.  I found it hard to follow.  Speakers weren't always identified, which is a problem in a book written mostly in conversation.  The clearest passages were the ones about the terrorists, making them the easiest to read and follow.

What's next?  (I know this Alphabetical Program of mine is prime dinner table conversation.  "Primaries?  Primaries?  Who cares about the stupid primaries --- the real question is what "E" author is Kim going to pick?")  Well, here you are:

A favorite reporter and a return to non-fiction.  I already have "F" chosen, and know what I would like to read for "G," if I can only find a copy.

So you can all stand down.

Know what this blog needs?  A baby monkey.
See?  All better now.


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