Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Many years ago, my parents and I were at my grandparents' house for Christmas.  It was a special one, as my aunt, uncle and cousins from Illinois were visiting, something they couldn't do very often.  My cousins, 3 girls, had brought their record player and some records, one of which was this:

I was 6, but I fell in love with Davy Jones looking at that album cover.  He was my first celebrity crush.  The first in a long line that continues to this day, 46 years later.

It's hard for me to believe Davy has died.  As one of my friends said, we have to think of him as still young, so we won't feel so old ourselves.  Lots of us are very sad about this --- seems I wasn't the only one who fell for "the little English one."

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