No Bones About That

All the Scooby Doo birthday bones have been knit, packed up, and will be sent out tomorrow.  I'm still not sure the colors are quite right, but there's still time before the party to sort all that out.

So, bones aside, the sock grows:

I'm also working on an airy, shimmery, sparkly scarf with some yarn I found in a box of my mother's when I cleaned out one of my closets the other day.  No photo yet, but I'll get one to you.

Other than the bones, life has been fairly gray around here.  One (or maybe more) of my medications has definitely stopped working, and I've spent lots of hours sort of swirling the drain.  Won't you be glad when I pull my act together and have some entries that don't mention crying jags and insomnia?

Me, too.


  1. Not quite sure how that will become a sock but trust you 100%.

  2. Very nice sock. So very pretty.

    One of my meds was causing blurred vision. I get to choose - panic attacks or sight?

    Maybe when life stops being so harsh to you, the crying jags and insomnia will calm down. In the meantime, endure and hopefully learn to thrive? xoxo

  3. Oh my gosh, I was shocked at the sock until I realized ha ah it is knit on two needles. At first I thought, oh my is it a Christmas stocking???? I LOVE The look.

  4. That's one purty sock! Can't wait to see it when it's sewn together. *Holds out hand to lift you out of drain*


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