Large and Small

The first Knitters' Chick Classic, and winner by a large margin:
Katharine Hepburn.

The first Knitters' Hunk Classic,
by the margin he indicates, is Alan Rickman.

Thanks to all of you for getting involved --- nominating and then voting.  Congratulations to Amanda, for nominating both winners.  (I also nominated Hepburn, but will forego sending myself any prizes.)  Several people nominated the runners-up, and will be receiving second place prizes: Jorene (my cousin!) and Grace nominated James Garner.  Jorene (still my cousin!), Lora and Vicki nominated Grace Kelly.  Everyone watch their mail!


  1. As always you run a fanatsically fun contest. Thanks KIM!!

  2. Thanks Kim for running the contest and for the second place prize You are awesome!!!

  3. Fine, fine people!! This was so fun, as usual (even though I was unable to vote in a few). Thank you, Kim!!


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