Thursday, January 11, 2018

This Is One of Those Things

You start at one point, innocently, then, a significant amount of time later, find yourself at another point.  Trying to trace your way back to the starting point, to figure out how you got where you are, you get peeled off into a different direction.  Again.

This is one of those things.  One of those first things.

BFF Shari shared this photo with me on Facebook:
She shared it as I was contemplating how to rearrange the den furniture after the Christmas tree left.

Which is what led me to look around the den and imagine where something like the Wall of Yarn could go.

"Wait.  Isn't there an empty shelving unit in the garage?'  Go into the garage.

"That box looks like it would hold that stack of things of Briton's. . ."  Back into the house.  Pack up Briton's things.

"Now that that's done, I'll straighten up in here.  Maybe start a Goodwill box."

Start Goodwill box.

In and out of every room for several days, looking every time for more things to put in the Goodwill box.

"Oh, look!  There are a couple of empty spaces in the den now where I can put yarn."

Reach into store of tote bags, looking for the one you remember had some odd leftover skeins and hanks in it.  

Realize the tote bags need some serious thinning out.

Thin tote bags out.

Take the yarn from the original tote bag, stack it in one of the den's empty spaces.

Wait to see if the cats are going to bother the yarn.

Realize the composition of the yarn on the shelves just isn't doing it for you, decide to store by color.

"Color" isn't very practical (original photo notwithstanding), decide to store by weight.

Sort yarn by weight:
Be thankful cats are more interested in their play tunnel there than the boxes of string.

Which brings you to today.  Only three boxes left to sort.  If there are no distractions, or more pressing issues.


  1. You are getting so much done with fun yarn in this NEW YEAR!!! Donating is always a good thing Right? I think so!

  2. Wait. You have been following me around as I start and then get distracted from various projects? Oh, and that icanhazcheeseburger is one of my rotating computer wallpapers.


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