Monday, September 18, 2017


We're dealing with fraction terms now, what with "Quarters" and "Semis."
So, yes, those arithmetic and math lessons are coming in helpful.  (Thank you, Mr. Gee at PDS/USN: my favorite math teacher ever.)

Each year, I block the "View Results" function on the polls, so that the winners will be true surprises.  This year, I'm going to start that with the Semis, so this (Quarterfinal) round will be your last chance to keep up with what's going on, vote by vote.
You'll adjust.  Trust me.


  1. Did you see who won Best Supporting Actor in a something something drama series last night? Lamb boy.

  2. *Shakes fist at sky!
    These match ups are KILLING ME!!!
    Every year is the best year ever for the KH and KC- I hope you are having fun too, Kim!


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