Going On

Those of you who have Facebook accounts know that there's a feature there called "On This Day."  It lists your statuses over the last several years for a given day.  My "On This Day" shows that the Knitters' Hunk and Knitters' Chick nominating processes had, in the past, already begun by now.  I knew I was delaying the start of things this year by a little;  who realized it was that much?
Still, we'll stay the course, as there are Countdown prizes yet to be won.

Speaking of which, Kathy wins this week!  A box of Pink will be on its way soon.  Next chance to win comes Monday!  


  1. If its Kathy K well she's going to love that box o goodies. If its me Kathy, WHEEEEEEE. Ive got some hunks lined up......but tell me do men with long hair fare well in our contests?

  2. Wheeeee!!! Sounds like long haired men are liked by more than just me. I asked on my blog today!


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