Summer Ends?

Schools start back in a week here;  completely unacceptable to me.  Whatever happened to waiting until after Labor Day?

If that's our reality, though, we must go on.  And in these last days of summer vacation, your Contest Countdown question is this:
Which would you rather play with on a summer day

A) Kaleidoscope

B) Pinwheel

C) Bubbles

D) Dandelions

If your answer is chosen, you'll win this:

Mrs. Crosby Steamer Trunk yarn in Tiger Lily (again, HUGE thanks to Camille), a coloring book, twistable crayons, 
gummi bears, and a stitcher's "GPS" --- a way to keep up with where you are in a pattern.

Your turn --- answer away!


  1. You come up with excellent questions! This one is extra hard for me to answer- I'll be back...

  2. Bubbles all the way. Preferably the ones from Gymboree...they last the longest.

  3. I love dandelions. And plus (growing up at least) - they are free!

  4. What a great question! I love Kaleidscopes, but I think I'll go with bubbles.

  5. I am part of the bubbles fan club!!!! still love playing them with the grandchildren. even their Pops (DH) enjoys them !

  6. Bubbles. No question about it. My kids and I played with bubbles so much one day that we killed the grass. (As a gardener I would never, ever disperse dandelion seeds... although that never stopped me as a child.)

  7. I love the kaleidoscope on your blog and I like playing with them, but the key here is "summer day" - I want to be outside with those bubbles. Fun fact: I once bought some bubble stuff for playing with your cats that had catnip in it. It was hilarious! They would bite the bubbles and the bubbles would vanish and...the looks on their faces were priceless.

  8. Oh a PINWHEEL!!! I love the wind and all things whirlygig

  9. Dandelions because you can make a wish, and it's a more shared experience than a kaleidoscope. Bubbles are fun too but you don't get the wish- though you can get those fun rainbows...


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