In Order

FIRST.  You're all being quite kind and selfless by "disqualifying" yourselves from Countdown Contest prizes once you've won.  And that is much appreciated, truly.  HowEVER, there are only about 7 of you who answer each week, so someone  (actually, several someones) is going to win more than once.  So accept your presents with grace and gratitude,

SECOND.  I got a haircut this morning (soooper short, or, at least as short as my thick, springy hair* will allow), treated myself to a couple of hot Krispy Kremes on the way back home, then got home to find that the garage door was malfunctioning.  Wonderful.

I shouldn't complain, chiefly because it serves no purpose, but also because this door has been there at least 15 years.  Turns out the motor has burned out and everything has to be replaced and when you've been unemployed forever, any amount of money in and past three digits is a stretch.  Fortunately, it can't be replaced until next week, so I've got time to tap dance around in the bank accounts.

THIRD.  Six weeks from tomorrow, nominations for Knitters' Hunk and Knitters' Chick will open!  I'm quite settled on my three women but just can't get my three men in a row.  One is in for sure.  The second is a strong "probably."  The third is anyone's guess right now.  When we get there, I'll let you know who you don't have to nominate.  Plus, there'll be a little surprise announcement.  Gather up all your woolly and knitty friends, and let's make the 10th Anniversary year a fantastic one!

*The beautician's term, not mine.


  1. Dang that unexpected expense. They are NEVER fun. A haircut is always a fun thing to do. I'm still working on growing mine out a bit more. can't wait for the day I get it shaped up again. The last time was so ridiculously expensive I vowed to go to super cuts thereafter. Its worth a try. Ohhhh New Hunks and Chicks interest is peaking!


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