A while back, I ordered a kit to make this throw.  Somewhere along the way, it dawned on me that I didn't want to sew a bunch of strips together, then pick up stitches all the way around for a border.

So it became stripes.  Why in the world the palest, palest blue photographed as pink is a mystery.  I'm just winging the width of the colors.  It's an easy, pretty mindless project, and it's easy to see progress.


  1. That was a great way to make the blanket and enjoy the whole process KIM!!!

  2. Oh I like it! It's a very happy looking project.

  3. Love the colors! So cheerful!

  4. I consider sewing strips together to one of the circles of hell. And that is why the strips of a certain afghan have lived in bags in the closet for roughly 20 years. Someday...


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