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My apologies to Kathy, as I haven't answered her questions in a couple of weeks.  Today, that changes.
Do you remember where you were on July 20th, 1969 when Man first walked on the MOON? VIVIDLY.  At home, watching it on TV.  I've always been a NASA/space geek.
*Have you knitted with any of these? : Blue Moon Fibers, Lantern Moon yarns or Juniper Moon yarns?  Yes to the first two, no to the third.

*When is the last time you won something?  Over a year ago;  I can't remember exactly.  I won a teapot from an online tea site.

*Would you rather knit with 3 interesting skeins or one gradient yarn for a shawl?  Honestly, it depends on the shawl.  My first impulse, though, was "gradient," so I'll go with that.
*Have you dropped something in a lake?  Fish I didn't want to catch because I don't like fishing but sometimes you have to pacify the in-laws.
*Years ago: Cartwheels? Headstands? or Handstands?  Never any of them.  I can't hula-hoop or skate, either.
*Favorite Breakfast order?  Eggs Benedict.
*Leave for a road trip: Early in the a.m. or head out at night?  Both, I guess?  Late in the night when it's technically morning.  Seeing the sun come up on the road is lovely.
*Tubing, banana boating or water skiing?  None, really, though tubing comes closest.  I'm a shore girl. 
*Do you change purses in summer?  I only very, very rarely even carry a purse, so, no.


  1. Oh wow. How do you go without a purse? Fascinating! Happy you wanted to play along today. I love NASA events too. They universe as a aconcept though overwhelms me!

  2. And the twinster karma works on the breakfast order and the lack of ability to do gymnastic feats as outlined by Kathy.


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