First of May

This is what comes to my mind on this day each year.

On this first of May, there are questions to answer.
*Do you think I should add more fringe to the Fezzik kitten?
I think he's quite striking as is.
*Do you ‘trust’ superwash wool?
Mostly.  Yes.
*Can you go to the Movies and not have popcorn?
I never popcorn at the movies.  Ever.
*Do you close your eyes during certain scenes at the movies?
No --- I hold my hand(s) in front of my eyes.

*What is one thing you simply couldn’t eat if a host made it for you for dinner?
Liver.  Shudder.
*What is a pattern part that will keep you from knitting that pattern?
Any part that calls for double-pointed needles.
*Do you cook with flower petals and flowers?
No, but I've had dandelion tea.  Does that count?

My kitchen smells delightful right now, but for an irritating reason.  There are whole cloves scattered along one windowsill as teeny ants had invaded overnight.  Ground cloves don't work;  whole cloves work like a charm.


  1. Just as ice is my winter nemesis, my summer nemeses (?) are humidity and ants - they immediately make me stabby! I hope yours get the hint ...

  2. Thanks for playing. Yes, I cover my eyes too!!!! I remember my parents saying over and over, IT IS JUST A STORY. well, yes it is a story. They are all stories . Doesnt make my imagination any less active!

  3. Whole cloves prevent ants? Maybe this summer we can keep them outside!


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