Do You Believe In Magic?

This is a Magic Yarn Ball.

Magic yarn balls have goodies wrapped up inside them.  The goodies can be anything that can be covered over by the winding yarn, from the core of the ball to the last little bit on the outside, held in place here by Ms. Stitchmarker.

This Magic Yarn Ball is this week's Countdown to Contests prize.  The yarn is recycled silk, from Darn Good Yarn.

To be eligible to win the Magic Yarn Ball, just answer the following question --- in the Comments section --- by Friday.

What is your favorite title --- song, book, or movie --- that contains the word "magic"?

(I think I have to go with "Black Magic Woman" by Santana.)


  1. "Year of the Cat by Al Stewart" (no surprise there).

  2. "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic" by The Police

  3. "Do You Believe in Magic" by the Lovin' Spoonful (I think?)

  4. Oops. i'll pick Strange Magic by ELO.

  5. I dont think this counts, but all I can think of is MAGIC THE GATHERING the card game. My son and his friends played it when they were in school and they continue to do so in their 20s...


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