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Are you keeping up with April?  What tickles me most is how Oliver, her mate, looks over into her stall (where there is, naturally, a lot of activity), and seems to be saying, "Whatcha guys doing over there?  Hmm?  Whatchu doin'?"

I haven't given you an update on Blankapalooza.  That's because there isn't much to say.  Unfortunately, not enough squares of a uniform size arrived, and what there are don't make up a full blanket.  I'm going to make some squares as I have leftovers;  hopefully, there'll be something to gift by the time cold weather rolls around again.

There is an update on the Twinnie hat:
(Big fan of Fringe Supply --- based in middle Tennessee, thank you very much.)  Of course, I'm knitting my hat on straights, so there's some reverse-engineering going on.  Kathy asked us if we stick to, or alter patterns;  since I can't do DPNs, and am not terribly slick with circulars on small projects, I do a LOT of figuring out how an in-the-round pattern should go when it's not in the round.

If you haven't tried a Fringe Bento Bag, treat yourself one day.

Thank you for all your nice words about Hannah.  She's something special.

And thank you, too, for remembering hot rollers!  I can still recall the smell of them warming up. . .


  1. What size squares do you need for the blanket? I have a small stack but I never sent them because I can't remember what size you need. And can they be any pattern?


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