Questions? Answers.

1* When are you most hungry?  Morning , Noon or Night?
2* Are you still eating Easter Candy?
No;  I didn't have any to begin with.
3* Do you keep a shawl or wrap in your car?
No.  Honestly, I don't get that cold that often.
4* Have you ever knit a snood?
I have.  One of my most treasured knits is a snood my mother made for me when she was here after Hannah was born.
5* What’s a neighbor’s most annoying habit?
Yelling.  There's a family across the street that never has ANY kind of conversation without screaming it.
6* What’s the population of your town?
With UGA students, it's about 125,000.  Without them, I think it goes down to 110,00 or so.
7* What did you knit on this weekend?
Baby hats.
8* Have you ever ridden a tandem bike?
9* Laundry: top load or front load?
10.* Price of your last haircut?


  1. 12 bucks. I gotta get on that bandwagon! Great haircut price.!!! Im tired of feeling guilty after spending a bunch to have a haircut. Just because I have very thick hair doesnt mean it needs the most senior staff member to cut it. I love your snood story


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