Since I Had A Minute. . .

*Do you have any teams left in the Final Four?
  My Vandy Commodores were out in the first round.  I'm hitching my wagon to Twinnie's Oregon Ducks now!
*How do you lose 8 pounds in a day?
I can't top the "have a baby" answer.
*In a word describe the weekend’s weather in your neck of the woods-
Overcast and pleasant.
*Would you rather knit a shawl in a gradient yarn or change colors yourself and deal with the weaving in of ends?
*Would you rather have a creme egg, a marshmallow egg, a peanut butter egg or a malted milk ball egg?
Peanut butter.  Easy.
*Would you rather knit a crescent, rectangle or triangular shawl?
Triangle, I suppose.  Crescents are fun, too.
*Are Knitting /Crocheting Magazines interesting to you anymore?
I still thumb through them, but scarcely ever actually buy one.
*Do you own a cowboy hat?
*Have you ever worn bib overalls?
Oh, yeah!  Very popular when I was in college.
*Whats the largest size circular needles you own?
13.  I've never used them.


  1. I'm with you on the peanut butter eggs! I wish I had one right now ...

  2. Here's to you and the cowboy hat! ! Guess what? At the orientation for equestrian everyone had cowboy boots but us. I found a neat pair of boots that almost fit me that were zach's a f ew years ago. He got them in Mexico. They are not pointed toe boots. BUt I can be cool now when I go! IF i find they are not right with a good pair of socks I'm going for a pair of Ropers. Wish wish wish I'd bought some in OKLAHOMA with Al where there were tons, but I didnt know we'd be entering this horse venture of our lives at that time.


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