Hit and Miss

Well, I suppose it's fitting that an Irishman won the green-wearing vote:

I have to admit that I whiffed on my Knitters' Chick question this week.  On the 14th --- which is Pi(e) Day --- I meant to ask which KC you'd want to bake pie with.  Or do math problems with, whichever.

This afternoon, I cast on 589 stitches for a shawl.  At least I hope it was 589.  I haven't worked the first row yet, and the plan is to count then.  If it isn't the right stitch count, I plan to get there by increasing or decreasing as required.  I refuse to try keeping up with that many again.  It seems that there was a "formula" I once used to determine how much yarn you needed to measure out for the number of stitches you had to cast on.  If it did exist, it's lost to time now, though.  And not having enough yarn to cast on what you need remains the most aggravating part of knitting to me.


  1. Huzzah! I'm so happy Liam won! I wanted him or Ewan to win- full disclosed I had to do a coin toss to vote and voted a Ewan (sorry Liam! Forgive me!). There is nothing that Liam with those shoulders wouldn't look drool worthy in. He's a dreamy dream.

  2. And- I feel your pain about casting on. I have such ADHD that I cannot sustain my attention long enough to count and end up putting safety pins every 5 stitches. Then to count the sets of 5 is an ordeal- depending on the yarn I do all sorts of trucks to try to count. It's painful, lugubrious and frustrates the heck out of me. Why can't I just focus?!? Sigh.

  3. I put a marker every 20 stitches when I cast. Because apparently I cannot higher than 20.

    Re: amount of yarn to cast on. Tie both ends of the yarn cake together. Cast on with it, then cut the end from the outside of the cake.

  4. Thank God you didnt have to join them in the round. Kathryn's stitch marker idea is a good one. Hunk to bake pie with? Hmmmmmmmm, Id say Robert Redford


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