First March Questions

*How many KITS of yarn and pattern do you have in your stash?
Eight, I think.  Though I got a catalog today that has some tempting ones, so that count will probably go up.
*Have you ever seen a snow rainbow?
Unfortunately, no.
*Have you tried virtual reality glasses on?
*What is the farthest thing OUT marked on your calendar right now?
A former student's graduation in May.
*What one item in your wardrobe is most lacking?  In other words, what do you need to shop for soon?
Short-sleeved tops other than t-shirts.
*How many National Parks in the U.S. have you been to?
Two --- the Great Smoky Mountains and Mammoth Cave.
*What will you do with a single skein of handspun in dk weight that’s pure wool?
Most likely, fingerless mitts.  For myself (!).


  1. 8 kits HOW FUN. As you know I just have one!!!!! and Im saving it for a special knit.


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