Chewy Influencer

My product choice for this month's trial was
dental treats from VetriScience.  All three cats have sort of unpleasant breath, and none of them have ever been fans of brushing, so. . .

Erin loves them.  Madeleine doesn't like them at all. Riley goes back and forth, depending, I suppose, on her mood and the emptiness of her stomach.  There is one problem that the bites give the cats:
I have to snap each one in half so that they can be picked up and chewed easily.  That, though, is nothing compared to how Erin chows down on them, and Riley occasionally indulges.

Each month, I select one product offered by for in-home testing.  They ask that I give honest reports of my pets' experiences with the products.  There are no monetary transactions whatsoever.


  1. Maybe erin likes them because they are green! Al has to pay a pretty penny to have her 4 year old cats teeth cleaned this month, I'll get her to try these too for LIncoln.

  2. A very Happy Birthday !!!! Wishing you cowboy boots in some way!


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