Monday, January 16, 2017

So, Questions

#1. Do you use a mannequin, prop or person for modeling your knits?
I use my daughter's dress form for large pieces, and I have "heads" for showing hats.

#2. Do you know anyone who has gone through the ice?
I've never lived anywhere where that was a possibility!

#3. Do you wear reading glasses, bifocals, contacts?
Glasses with transition bifocals, and contacts occasionally.

#4 Have you tried a new skill yet in 2017?

#5. Name a favorite President of the USA.
Lincoln.  Always Lincoln.
#6. When was the last time you were lost? (parking lots count)
I don't know.  My sense of direction is usually pretty reliable.

#7. What yarn type is most prevalent in your stash?
This is probably a tie between baby weight and sock.  I know I'm low on worsted, which has never happened before.
#8. Since we are in an ice storm, name something you like over ice.
Pepsi, or 7Up.  I drink gallons more Dr Pepper than either of those, but I like it super cold and straight up.
#9. What time did you fall asleep last night?
About 12:45.
#10. Share a winter memory of your Mother….
Made-from-scratch hot chocolate.  I'm not sure that hot chocolate mixes were even available when I was growing up, but she would have stuck to the homemade anyway.  Her hot chocolate and warm Krispy Kremes. . .  Ahhhhhhh.


  1. Your mom memory with made from scratch hot chocolate! Awesome!

  2. You kinda/sorta know someone who went through the ice -- that would be my husband. Remember that post back in March 2016?


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