Monday, January 2, 2017

On Second Thought

Let's extend the answer period until tomorrow at 8 PM.  While I appreciate the responses that have come in so far, it's awkward to use a random number generator for four numbers.  Invite blogging friends if you think they'd be interested.  I'm going to post about it on Facebook, so maybe the numbers will go up.

By the way, I was 17 in 1977.  Which, for those of you unmotivated to do the arithmetic, was forty.  years.  ago.


  1. Oh argh. I was the same age. Lets get some more entries for you Kim!!

  2. I encouraged entries at the bottom of my post today!!!

  3. Shoot, who didn't have a crush on at 17?

    David Bowie (always and forever), George Michael, Ric Ocasek (The Cars), and David Chandler from art class.


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