Lost Half A Week

Since Sunday night, I've been battling what I've now decided is a sinus infection.  My symptoms started at "cold," then moved to "flu," until the infection thing finally popped into my head.  If I were knitting, I'd be working on
these, in this yarn
which has strands of "gold" throughout.

Or, I might be moving along on
in this

But I'm not knitting.  Everything will still be around when this thing finally lets go of me.


  1. I really like those armwarmers -- pattern name? (Although the idea of armwarmers and short shorts kinda leaves me cold. See what I did there?)

  2. Ugh. I'm still dealing with the crud I caught shortly after Christmas. I *think* it's on it's way out finally. Well ... I hope so ...

    Take care of yourself and feel better! xo

  3. Oh boy. KIM~!! Not knitting. I hope you turn the corner very very soon. The armwarmers are gorgeous. Shawl in a ball is a cute name. Its all socks here as you know!

  4. Love those arm warmers -- yes, do tell the pattern, please. Hoping you are feeling much, much better!


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