Almost every Christmas, my "aaarrrggghh" moment is about stockings.  As in, I've got practically nothing to put in them.  When my children were younger, waiting until near the last minute wasn't as terrifying: there are all sorts of small goodies available.  When they're teenagers, and now adults, it isn't the same.  A pack of Pokemon cards or some Barbie clothes just won't work.

Which is why I'm very proud to say that stockings were the first things I got done this year!

I'm almost finished with wrapping, so Christmas can just come right on along.

How about you?  Are you ready?


  1. The Tim's stocking is always a hard one for me. And the few years I have thought proudly that I completely nailed it, it still was disappointing to me once I put it together (disappointing for me, he's always thrilled).

  2. Some years Im good with stockings. SOMe not. Al and zach's stockings are super dee duper this year. Troy.....well, There's still time. And I think Al contributed to his stocking so that's awesome. I always feel like we didnt get enough ...every year I do this, and every year there is plenty. I still may go out though and grab just a few more things.


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