According to Blogger (and I've no reason to doubt its counting abilities), I will post Post #1000 on Sunday.  It's amazing how it worked out, really.  I certainly did not arrange for it to happen.  Still, that, plus the fact that Sunday begins the Tenth Year of Knitters' Hunk, moves me into Contest Mode.  Yes, I'm there a lot, but that's how I roll.  Check in on Sunday to see what you could win, and how you might win it.


  1. Congratulations! And thank you. Still a very bright part of my day! Looks like you had a fabulous Christmas! We did too- best yet! Holden turned 9 Xmas day. Atticus said it was his best Xmas because he got to give and get the most hugs yet. He also sang the little drummer boy music in his sleep for 2 nights. Looking forward to a healthy and happy new year for all of us! Hugs

  2. Post 1000! We are so lucky . You always do great contests and give aways Kim. your generosity is so great. BLog pals ROCK!


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