"The Holly and The Ivy" is such a wonderful title, don't you think?  It evokes the sight of greenery dotted with bright red, and the smell of trees and logs burning in the fireplace.

I also have a visual of "Silent Night."  A cold night, everything covered with snow, and a long sweeping curve of a road with a bright light seemingly at its end.  Either the road itself, or something that stands at the deepest part of the curve, is a "virgin."  For the longest time, I thought "virgin" was a geographic thing --- " 'Round yon virgin," like "around that bend," or, "go all the way around the house."
"Are you here to see the new baby?  Just go around that virgin there;  you can't miss it."


  1. That's so cute!!!!! I love round yon virgin in your version!!!I need to send you some photos. It is a winter wonderland here. We walked just from the neighbors house party home last night and all the little trees in our window were so beautiful. More snow on the way. Fireman and I snow shoed this morning. We brought a jug of tea and 2 cookies and we stayed nice and warm in the snowy woods. Quiet. Breathtakingly beautiful

  2. Well that is definitely a new way to give directions!

    I used to think the hymn went, "Oh come all ye faithful, sit at every table" ...


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