I'm assuming there's going to be a lot of turkey stock made tonight and tomorrow;  Rupert had a little bit of a head start on you all.  These "soup bones" were a big hit right out of the big.  Then, he took one to his "stash site," where he keeps a pork chin and a piece of rawhide --- both are chewed on occasion.  He's returned to it several times, so he's obviously playing the long game with it.

The cats, who sniff at Rupert's soup bone until he growls them away, got some treats this month.
I don't usually buy any tuna, or other fish, food for them, so I was interested in how they would respond to these.  They loved them.  Actually, has there been a cat product from Chewy that they didn't like?

I am part of a monthly trial program with  Each month, they send me products to try and to review.  There is no money involved at all.  My pets and I simply give the products a try, and I post our sincere reactions to and reviews of them.


  1. Why do cats, which are animals of the savanna, find fish so tempting? Inquiring minds want to know...


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