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Announcements (Sort of)

Hunks bettered Sexiests;  that shouldn't come as a surprise.  You were the ones who nominated and voted for them.

Kathy will be receiving a tiny something in the mail in a day or two.

Frogged my Miquon Saturday night --- it just wasn't going well.  Upset about it, too, as it had the potential to be so, so pretty.  I'm not good about going back to something I've unraveled, either.  Time will tell.

Is anyone else having to triage some of their Christmas decorations as they unpack them?  I have used so much glue this weekend.  A tiny leg cracked here, a roof shingle off there. . .  And one of the Wise Men in the Nativity that always goes under the tree has to be put back in place every year.  I suppose it could be seen as a holiday tradition, but, he vexes me.

When I'm thinking of making things to put in my etsy shop, I should not buy yarn in colors I like.  Because, almost inevitably, I will want to keep what I knit.  Like this scarf, for example:
I must make my eyes look to reds and oranges and greens.

Riley, it would seem, has completed her sloth training:

Do you have anything to share with the class?


  1. Funny you should mention beloved Nativity set has more chips in it this year, for reasons I don't understand. That box is so well packed and stored in a climate controlled house ...there shouldn't be any damage. My mother is actually going to ask a friend of hers who is a ceramicist what's going on!' (And as an aside...Grace, if you're reading - I received my POM package today. I love it all! Thank you!)

    1. I am so glad Lora----please enjoy and have a wonderful holiday!

  2. I just never put away stuff that could break. SEriously.

  3. The first year we had our nativity set, one of the ears on the donkey broke off. The Tim took a Santa cap off of a decoration he has always hated, and put it on the donkey's head. So now we have a nativity set with a donkey wearing a Santa cap. As one does ...

  4. In one of our nativities, Joseph became a single father on Saturday. Poor Mary was bumped off a table and smashed beyond repair. I was going to pitch the rest of the set; its not a good one (picked up at a rummage sale many years ago) and Joseph had already been (poorly) repaired from an attempted decapitation. But I sort of like the modernity of the single father family. What does that say about my catholic upbringing?! Hmmm...
    Michelle B.

  5. Every year we loose one or two Christmas decorations but then I have fun buying something new!!!
    Camile if you are reading today, my swap package is awesome, thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and generosity Happy Holiday Season to you!

  6. Kim DOn't feel bad. I keep many of the things I Knit. Many many socks. I do plenty of gift knits throughout the year too. We purged when we moved. And the previous owners left us hidieous decorations that I gave to the local consignment that raises funds for the animal shelter here


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