This is Just Weird

Out yesterday to run a few errands, I picked up a late drive-thru fast food lunch for myself.  Within 10 minutes of getting home and eating it, I was S.I.C.K.  Once everything started, I mustered enough energy to get into the kitchen for an ice pack, which meant all that was left to do was crawl between my bed and my bathroom.  For hours.

Then, last night, two of the cats were throwing up and, um, being too slow to the litter box.

Then, you guessed it,

We're a mess.  In every way.  And the two unaffected cats have no interest in caring for those of us who are out and down.  In fact, they flaunt their good health by chasing each other around and around the house, as if to mock. 


  1. My cats were always good nurses, mainly because it meant they got to snuggle on the bed with me for unending hours.

  2. Forgot to say, I hope you feel better NOW!

  3. Did all of you sick ones eat the same supper the night? Most food poisoning takes several hours to hit.
    Anyhow hope you are all well now. And OF COURSE the healthy cats were mocking you. That's typical cat behavior.

  4. Oh Dear. That's not good KIM!! Wishing you as quick a recovery. Poor furr babies too!


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