Daily Seasonal

*Are you planning to have a Halloween Candy today?
No, because I don't have any Halloween candy around!

*Would you knit an accessory for your pumpkin.  No judgement I promise!

 Did you carve a pumpkin?

 How many hats to you have to wear this winter? 
Hmmm. . .  At least 6 or 8. 

*Did you knit during the World Series game last night?
I knit during "The Walking Dead," which ran at the same time.  Does that count?

*Do you have a knit plan for the week?
My knit plan is always to knit what's most fun, week in and week out.
*Just for Halloween.....Have you ever made that bundt cake with leftover Milky Way bars?
I'd never even heard of it!

*Did you ever have to admit to eating something unhealthy to a doctor or nurse?
I don't think so.  Is that odd?

*What frightens you more ? Dropped stitches or yarn chicken?
It's more aggravation than fright, but, definitely, dropped stitches.


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