Working, Working, Working

I need to go to Polldaddy frequently throughout the year, as I always have trouble getting the voting polls to show up.  SO aggravating.

Also?  Matching photos are already difficult to find.

Your seeds are as follows:
Knitters' Hunk
1.  Sam Elliott
2.  Viggo Mortensen
3.  Mike Rowe
4.  Ewan McGregor
5.  Idris Elba
6.  Prince Harry
7.  Andrew Lincoln
8.  David McCallum

Knitters' Chick
1.  Tina Fey
2.  Meryl Streep
3.  Maggie Smith
4.  Isabella Rossellin
5.  Kristen Bell
6.  Jennifer Lawrence
7.  Kate Middleton
8.  Helen Mirren

Get a good night's sleep;  polls are opening early in the morning.  See you then!  And may the Hunkiest and Chickiest win.


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