Seventh Leg


In a blizzard of overnight voting, fortunes changed dramatically,  As in, some who were handily in the lead when I turned in were defeated.  And, goodbye to our reigning Hunk.  You served well, Sam.

So, from yesterday:
Chiwetel Ejiofor
Emma Thompson
Shemar Moore
Christine Baranski
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Caitriona Balfe
were your winners.

For those of you who haven't seen some of your nominees yet, Round Two will answer your concerns.  Some nominees get First Round byes, lucky ducks.  Everyone should be in play now.

Whom do you want to send forward today?


  1. How the heck could Mark Harmon lose? What's wrong with you people???

    1. All kinds of interesting things happen here, kayT!

  2. I missed the vote yesterday - how the heck did that happen!?

  3. Kit Harington against Denzel. That is SO not fair! Can I vote twice?!! And to think, I didn't even think to nominate RDA (shame on me)!

  4. Whew. I was worried about Jeffrey. Sorry to see Sam go though. And Yo Yo and David McCallum! Brilliant nominations!

    1. Every year, people nominate folks that I headpalm over: "WHY didn't I do that?"

  5. Yup me too. I realize my nominations could have been a bit better every single year. Im having lots of fun Kim with the votes.


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