Rupert's Turn

Rupert (pictured)
often gets left out of the monthly Chewy trials.  Lily (pictured) and the other cats have gotten to try the most products.  This month, I decided to treat Rupert alone.

First up, Science Diet Fruity Snacks.  Speaking for myself, these are pretty little treats;  think granola in the shape of little bundt cakes.  Well now, Rupert has 17-year-old teeth.  Even pretty little bundt cakes must be broken into tiny pieces for him to chew.  

The bag these are in, when opened, sounds like the bags several different types of cat treats come in.  So, lots of little cat feet came cruising into the kitchen when I was giving Rupert his taste test.  For the record, the cats like these.  Rupert has eaten them sometimes, ignored them entirely at others.

Next up was freeze-dried food, with which I have no experience whatsoever.
This is to be mixed with water before serving.  So far, I haven't found the exact ratio of food-to-water that suits Rupert.  He sniffs at it as if he wants to dive in, but the texture seems to put him off.  I'll keep trying to find the perfect formula, but, for now, this seems to be a bust.

Each month, allows me to select pet products to test in my home.  They send the chosen products in return for my honest reviews.  There are no monetary transactions nor incentives.


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