Nice Segueway

For the past couple of years, I've been sort of involved with ECAD, an organization which trains assistance dogs.  I've had the honor of naming three of their dogs;  first was "Vandy":
She's now fully trained and graduated, and working.

Then came "Colt" and "Cherokee":
Full brothers, they are both still in training right now.  Colt had some very serious health issues a while back, but, as you can see, is a big, healthy guy now.

Today, on ECAD's Facebook page, was this photo of Cherokee:
It was captioned, "Cherokee, you're such a hunk!"

I KNOW!!!!  RIGHT????

This year's Knitters' Hunk and Knitters' Chick will begin on Thursday, August 18th.  Nominations can start that day, and will be open until Saturday the 20th.  As we get a little nearer the time, I'll let you know about seeds and such.  For know, go give your pet a hug, and start thinking about the persons you'd like to knit with!


  1. NOthing like GOLDENS and labs for therapy! Nothing!


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