July Quora Begins

1. We all have our Christmas movie favorites.
Do you have a summer movie you watch over and over? 
No.  Not really. 

2. How's your Holiday 2016 knitting coming along?
As far as I know, I'm not doing any Holiday knitting this year. 

3. I have more time to read in Summer than around the Winter Holidays.  What have you read lately?
And Then All Hell Broke Loose by Richard Engel.

4. Is there anything better than an iced Christmas cookie ?
So sorry, but I have to say "Yes."  Really good banana bread and my mother's butterscotch pudding come to mind . . .

5.  Have you knit a gnome?
Many!  In all sizes!

Are you more excited about your Christmas tree or your summer garden? 
Even if I had a garden, it would still be the Christmas tree.  Christmas trees beat almost all other decorations --- except lights.  I love lights. 

You've just created your favorite winter colorway.
What do you call it?
(Something like this was a tie-breaker question one year in Knitters' Hunk!)
"Moonlit Snowfall."

Someone is secretly knitting you a Christmas gift.
What do you wish it to be?
This is an AWESOME question.  I LOVE this question.
A throw, or a lap blanket.  Something to snuggle in, and to remind me of them.

If you need snow for the perfect Christmas, 
what do you need for the perfect
4th of July?
Folks not shooting fireworks for the week before!

Let's make the last one yes or no.
Yes or no, :

Are you knitting in the Air conditioning today?
OhHELLYeah.  The A/C is going, AND I'm under a ceiling fan!


  1. Love your answers ! Moonlit Snowfall is a great yarn name


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