Sweet Relief

Last year, I got, maybe, 4 blooms on my enormous, much-loved gardenia bush.  I assumed the previous winter had bitten it, and was going to tell the men who do my yardwork to just take it down, which was a crushing thought.  But, it really is huge, and I couldn't decide what to put there in its place.

Therefore, I take great pleasure in letting you all know that
there are beautiful blooms everywhere!

No scent makes me happier than gardenias.  That the flowers are beautiful is a wonderful bonus.  I also like the smell of honeysuckle (it takes me back to summers growing up), and there is a substantial honeysuckle vine growing at one corner of the house.  You can stand in a sweet spot on the driveway and inhale both sweet honeysuckle and dreamy gardenia.  That they both bloom in summer is the only thing that keeps me from loathing the season entirely.


  1. I agree. THat scent is the BEST that and night blooming jasmine

  2. Oh yes, GARDENIAS! Perfect in every single way. :-)

  3. gorgeous flowers Kim, did you get my squares?


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