Making Plans

I am beginning to think seriously about moving.  As in, spending hours on Trulia looking for houses, and clearing out cabinets and drawers.  Whenever, wherever I go, I'll be downsizing for sure, so I'm clearing for that and for a yard sale.  Besides, it has been blazingly hot all week, and staying/"working" inside in the air conditioning is infinitely preferable to even stepping outside and triggering a massive, crippling headache.

My first choice for a move is Chattanooga.  Nashville is a close, close second, though houses are more expensive there.  I'm also looking into Augusta and Savannah.  I want to be in, or very near, a city so that there's an airport handy.  (In case Briton and/or Hannah move far enough away that it will take a plane ride to visit them.)  My Ultimate of Ultimates, of course, is a beach house.  That just can't happen given my finances.  Both Augusta and Savannah get me nearer beaches, which is a "Pro" for each of them.


  1. That's an adorable house. My dream is to live at least close enough to the ocean that I can hear the waves, if not see them. We can dream, right?

  2. I hope you can find something that is just perfect! We can get to the ocean in an hour at the most, but both rivers here are within walking distance. I like to be near water. :-)

  3. I'm addicted to watching Tiny House Nation- since you are downsizing you should check it out! I look online at real estate too- hours pass in an instant.


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