Monday, May 23, 2016

What Would You Say?

What is your favorite handmade purchase?
Oh, my.  This is a very tough one.  Maybe a little hoop embroidery piece made by my cousin's daughter.


Kathy wants to know
*Are you more likely to wear a 
poncho or a shawl?
I'm more likely to wear a shawl, though I like ponchos.  It scarcely ever gets cold enough here for a poncho, though.

*Which brings you more joy, 
Casting on or Casting off?
Casting on.  That's easy.

*Are you more likely to knit a baby a hat or booties?
Honestly, it's about 50/50.  Strictly a mood thing with me.

*Does anyone in your family fall asleep in a chair or do they fall asleep in bed?
Bed.  Even when my children were little, they were unlikely to fall asleep in a chair.  (Car seats exempted, naturally.)

*Would you rather win a hot air balloon ride or a dinner cruise? 
Neither interests me.  I suppose the balloon ride doesn't interest me less than the cruise.

*Do you watch the awful news or do you avoid it?
I'm a bit of a news junkie --- I check headlines lots of times each day, and watch the evening news every night.

Do you go to the movies or wait for them on cable?
Again, this is sort of a difficult question.  There honestly aren't that many movies that can pull me into a theater, and if they can't do that, I'm not going to watch them anywhere.

ETA:  Kathy also asked how we feel about Noro.  I adore it.  If I could only have one yarn the rest of my life, that would be it.

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  1. Hmmm favorite handmade purchase...good question!
    My harvest table from ireland


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