What Color Is the Sky. . .

. . .  Oh.  Did someone use that already?

Today, Makers' May asks, "What is your color palette?"  Well, Makers' May, let's go to the chart for the answer:

If you think of the above as a clock, my palette starts at 10 o'clock (the purples, naturally), and sweeps under to about 5 o'clock.  Purples, blues, greens, greys --- which, sadly, are unrepresented.

I've nothing against yellows, but they just aren't quite in my wheelhouse.  I do not like orange.  You might be able to get a peach or an apricot by me, but I'm gonna whoa you up before you get to the true stuff.

Now, red.  I've nothing against red at all.  For some reason, red's simply not been a color I go to.  Clothing-wise, it's because I don't look good in it.  Knitting-wise, my attention always go to my purple-to-green colors;  I scarcely pay red any attention.

"Sorry" is one of those words that begins to look like a truly non-word the longer you look at it.



  1. Same palette until now when yeller is hollerin to me


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