Show My What, Now?

Makers' May wants to see my personality or style.  Pardon the drift back into time, but, when I was teaching, there would come a point in the quarter/semester where the topic of "How We Are Who We Are" would arise.  At the heart of Sociology is the belief that we are what our social environments and experiences make us, including traits which we may have always thought were inborn.  Personality is one of the things that environment has a hand in shaping.

During this chapter, I would give students several opportunities to take personality tests, from the serious to the silly.  Of all the tests that I gave over all those years, I never found one that didn't explain or describe myself perfectly.  One way humans have sought to explain others' behavior is through the use of astrology.  I am a textbook Aquarian.  The following characterizations of those born under the sign of the water-bearer are as accurate as I could be in telling you about who I am.


  1. Cool! Im kind of into Animal Totems. We have all figured ours out at home:
    Me: weasel I saw in Door COunty, Allison, the Raven, Zach the Turtle. Oh dear I've forgotten Troys.....


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