Saturday, May 14, 2016

If You Want An Action Shot

I'll give you an action shot:

Tomorrow, though, Maker's May, tomorrow there will be a surfeit of pictures.

Some time ago, I came across the notion of a pocket prayer shawl.  My mother was part of a prayer shawl group at her church, and, though I've never made a prayer shawl per se, I do hope that people who have worn my shawls found some kind of comfort in them.

But this idea stuck with me.  With the odd balls and hanks of yarn already being used for Blankapalooza and Harry's Hundred, why not tease something else out of the remnants?  So, I'm making one or two along.  The idea of a basket of these left at a church, or a shelter, makes me feel good.  

I'm not putting designs on mine, though I am using different stitch patterns.  My "thing" is sewing a button on to each one, in a fairly random place.  Somehow, that made sense to me --- if you are carrying the shawl in your pocket or purse, it would be easy to find, and quick to grab.  Also, I had the idea of a rosary, or a pebble you find that soothes you, or an aid to meditation.  The button might well interrupt grief or worry as someone holds the shawl, and finds it there.

I'm not describing this well enough;  it may sound a little too New Age-y than I mean.  All I know is that I got the idea for the buttons, and it seemed to be a good idea to follow.

And, on the subject of ideas, another Blankapalooza color prompt tomorrow!  How is everyone doing on their squares?


  1. Did you see my post about the squares I have made for you?

  2. I think this is a lovely idea, and I think those who are the recipients will know someone cares.


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