*happy dance* (Thanks, Chewy!)

It has happened!  I finally ordered a test product from Chewy.com for Rupert that he truly likes!
(That would be Rupert in full-throttle-excitement-mode.  Lily, of course, in natural-cat-mode.)

No, really --- he is genuinely liking this food:
Rachael Ray's Dish.  It has vegetables and fruits along with the beef and brown rice.  I had to sort of coax Rupert into that first bite, but once he tasted it, he dug in on his own.  Win!!

Cat food was also on the test list this month:
Wellness CORE Chicken & Tuna Hearty Cuts.  Lily and Erin are the canned food eaters, and notorious gravy lovers.  They, almost always, lick up the gravy from their food before eating a little bit of the meat.  This, they went after vigorously, and, when they were down, plates were cleaned of gravy AND meat.  Another win!!

Each month, Chewy.com asks me to choose two of its products to try.  My reviews are based solely upon my honest and true experiences with the products.  I receive no money whatsoever from Chewy.


  1. WIN WIN~~ That's the best kind of Chew!
    My cats lick the canned gravy first too


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