A Day in My Life

My days are nothing if not all the same.  In fact, one of the first things I do when I wake up is try to figure out what day it is.  I feed the cats, take Rupert out, dose Madeleine.  Then, usually, it's straight back to bed.

When I get up the second time, I take Rupert out again, then sit down for computer stuff.

The rest of the day, I knit or read.  There's almost always a movie or TV show playing on the computer.

Some days, there are doctor or therapist appointments.  Some, I need to go to the grocery.  And, honestly, that's about it.

I'm, basically, the poster child for an out of work depressive.


  1. Maybe add a walk into that mix? Getting outdoors/a little exercise cannot hurt.

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  3. BLess your heart. Praying for you. When you have some energy, volunteer? At an animal shelter? It brings great joy and the need is great

  4. Volunteer in an area of interest, and who knows, it might lead to employment if that's what you want/need. Hugs to you!

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