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Know who's a great-looking guy?  Mark Harmon.

The three colors of Lorna's Laces I found?  "Aqua," "Dusk," and "Sage."  I don't see the latter two on the website.  "Dusk" is a grey denim blue.  "Sage" is a silver green.

Did I tell you I'm test-knitting a shawl for a designer friend?  I'm not sure how "secret" things are supposed to be, but I'll wait a while to let you in on it.  I wound the yarn today --- it's tencel, which I've never knit with before, so it's an adventure all the way around.

Know who's a great-looking guy?  Nicolaj Coster-Waldau.
 Good-ness --- look at that forearm and hand.

Are all of you clear of the weird/unpleasant/dangerous weather now?  We've gotten a little rain tonight, after forecasts that called for significant rain Monday and yesterday.

Camille, you wanted to see the gnomes?
Left to right, you have Gnadine, Gnora and Gneville.

And my Harry's Hundred hat?
(Note Rupert's lower half to the left there.)  I really liked this yarn --- Paton's Kroy Sock --- and there is enough left to make a gnome!


  1. love your Harry's hundred contribution. I need to get busy on mine too. LOve your gnomes.

  2. Wow the hat turned out great! (It should even look good without Rupert ...)

    The gnomes gnames are my favorite. :-)


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