My Go Bag

Before I had children, I carried purses.  Then came years of carrying diaper bags, and I just put any of my necessities in with the babies'.  That led to becoming accustomed to not carrying anything but my billfold and my keys.

When Briton's cat got sick, and I was making fairly regular nursing trips to his house, I put together a tote bag with knitting, a book to read --- things to pass the time.  It's a "Knit Happy" bag, which was very graciously given to me by Kathy:

In it are my knitting for this:
The 4-Way Vest from Patternfish, 

and this book:

There's a bottle of water, and I usually throw in a cold can of Dr Pepper.  My iPod, paper, pen, lip stick/balm, napkins, hand cream, something for headaches, and my phone and billfold if necessary.

What's in your Go Bag?


  1. My purse is really a tote bag, which my husband refers to as my bowling bag. It always has my wallet (which is really a small clutch on a shoulder strap; handy when I don't want to carry the bowling bag into a store), a small zipper bag with lip balm, lotion, emery board, a few other health&beauty type items, another small zipper bag with a Leatherman, spare keys, a few other things I don't remember, several nylon grocery bags, a lint brush, a bundle of cards -- car insurance, Medicare, health insurance, every retail chain's/LYS's discount/membership card, a tiny ice scraper, pens, a mechanical pencil, and probably a few other things I don't remember. Often it has my camera, a book, my shoes (in winter), and my Emergency Knitting bag. The small zipper bags are because the things contained within get lost in the big bag.

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