Like Finding Money in Your Pocket

I keep my cotton yarn in a wicker laundry basket.  When I was making all those dog toys, it was easier to have everything handy.  I dove into the basket this weekend to start on a wedding gift of dishcloths, towels, oven mitts, etc., and in the basket was (other than all the cotton):
3 baby hats --- which will be going to  Pine Ridge,
1 baby bib, which will also be heading that way,
3 of my little gnomes --- coincidentally, I've been wanting to make some more of them lately,
3 skeins of Lorna's Laces, obviously bought to make a tri-colored . . . something.

Oh, and there was also a pencil.

It made me feel accomplished, seeing things that I had made some amount of time ago.  Something I finished more recently --- yesterday, to be exact --- is the hat for Harry's Hundred I showed here the other day.  Another scarf will probably be next.  Or socks.  There are rumblings inside my Knitting Mind that are definitely pro-sock.

A wee bit chilly here this weekend;  snuggling became fashionable again:


  1. We can always tell when the weather takes a turn for the chilly. Both cats suddenly decide that they NEED to sleep with us.

  2. That's a great find! Any photos of the gnomes? I'm a gnome-aphile. :) What colors of Lorna's?


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