Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Before you ask, no, this isn't my finished Vikings shawl.  Mine has yet to be blocked.  This is Camille's.  She's the reason I participated in the KAL, so it's only right to give her some publicity.  The short rows give it a great look, don't you think?

I did make these handwarmers;  I like how they're almost opposite images of one another.
The lighting fades out the turquoise, and makes the bright gold look orange.

Some time ago, I was honored to name a service dog: Vandy.  She has completed her training, and is now at work.  This was in the latest ECAD's newsletter, and made me so, so very happy.


  1. oh love the fingerless colors. Much like my last shawl! fantastic! I love seeing all the dogs working at airports etc.

  2. Great fingerless gloves- cool idea! Vandy is a doll. Thanks for the shawl photos- I feel famous! (And unworthy!)


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