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Well, well, well. . .  There'll be a new color prompt tomorrow!  Because, you know,

My goal for the weekend is to knit some "off-script" squares.  I went through a couple of boxes of yarn the other day, and came across some skeins I think will work into nice ones.

Right now, I'm working through Clue #1 in the Vikings Mystery Knitalong.  This is just about at the end of the clue.  The aqua "waves" at the top are very pretty, don't you think?  I'm not happy with the look of the last short rows on the middle section, but this already looks like it will need heavy duty blocking, so that may work out fine.

I actually started this twice last night.  On my first try, my stitch count was WAY off.  The second time worked.  I believe Clue #2 is available, so this will be larger the next time you see it.


  1. I'm always intrigued by KALs with clues, but never brave enough to actually try it ... yours looks like it's gonna be pretty!

  2. Most of my squares have been off script. Unless the script is, "Knit whatever the heck you feel like."

  3. Your MKAL progress looks really great! What's your guess about what it'll be? My boys are hoping mine will be a shield. :)


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